How to create an Organiser's account in the system

It’s very easy! Just click on the SIGN UP FOR FREE on the main page.

  • You will be redirected to the PRICE LIST.
  • Chosse a subsscription that suits you and cilck on TRY TODAY.
  • Fill in registration form and click NEXT.
  • Verify the data you have entered and click on SIGN UP.
  • Systemwill generate activation link which will be sent via e-mail to the address given in registration form.
  • You will confirm registration by clicking on the activation link.
  • Now you can log int the system and complete your company’s data and chose person representing your company in the system.

Good Luck!

How to create the first RFP in the system

Click on the LOG IN on main page. You will be redirected to log in panel.Enter login (e-mail address given during registration ) and password that you have chosen. Click on LOG IN. If you do not remember your password you can use option REMIND PASSWORD.To create an RFP:

  • Click on the Add RFP button. System will redirect you to the Querry builder you can complete in 11steps.
  • Fill in fields in each step. To go to the next step click on the NEXT button.
  • When all the steps are complete, system will generate FINAL REPORT with all the details of an RFP that you have created.
  • If all the data are correct all you have to do is to to click on the SEND.
How to add new Venues to an existing RFP?
  • Click on the LIST OF RFPs button.
  • Chose an RFP by clicking on its name.
  • In the OFFERS section click on ADD MORE VENUES button.
  • Find Venues you want to add and mark them on the list, confirm by clicking NEXT.
  • RFP will be sent to new Venues once you have clicked SEND.
  • Venues will be added to RFP. System will send a message to Venues inorming about new RFP
How to send a message to one or multiple Venues?
  • Click on the LIST OF RFPs button.
  • Choose RFR to which your message is related.
  • In the section OFFERS select one or more Venue.
  • Click on the button SEND MESSAGE TO SELECTED. Type your message in the text window.
  • To send your message click on the button SEND MESSAGE.

All messages that have been sent will be visible in the FORUM.

Can I accept an offer, which duration time has expired.

It is possible. First try to establish if  Venue’s offer is still valid. You can do so by communicating with the Venue via FORUM.  At the same time, if offer is still valid you can request change of offer’s validity.  Additionally, when attempting to ACCEPT offer which duration time has expired, system will force  the change of the duration time of an offer by the Venue.

Can I accept an offer with a status "Waitlist"?
  • It is possible, proceed similarly to the situation where duration time of an offer has expired.
  • Via FORUM you can request change of the status by the Venue, if initial booking has been canceled.
  • At the same time when trying to ACCEPT offer with the status WAITLIST system will send a message to the Venue with request to change offer’s status.
How to change details of an RFP?
  •  Click on the LIST OF RFPs.
  •  Click on the RFP which details you want to change.
  • If you want to change details of an RFP for all of the Venues in the menu on the left click on the button CHANGE RFP.
  • Once all the changes have been made, click SAVE in the menu on the left.
  • To change details of RFP that was sent to particular Venue proceed similarly. Before you click CHANGE RFP select offer of the Venue by clicking on its name.
Can I accept more than one offer?

Acceptance of particular offer in respond to RFP will automatically cancel all remaining offers. Remember that changing the status to ACCEPTANCE means agreement between You (Organiser) and Venue on the terms specified in the Venue’s offer.

Can I cancel an RFP which already have been sent?

To cancel an RFP you have to change its status. You can cancel your RFP for particular Venue or cancel RFP completely.

  • To cancel an RFP completely click on the LIST OF RFPs button.
  • Selesct RFP which you want to cancel.
  •  You will be redirected to Negotiation panel
  • On the top right in section RFP STATUS click on Change status, then select CANCELLED. You can add reason in the field REMARKS.
  • You will confirm cancellation by clicking SAVE STATUS.
  • Information about your cancellation will be send automatically to all the Venues.
  • To cancel an RFP in particular Venue, first select Venue by clicking on its name in section OFFERS in RFP, once Venue is selected proceed similarly changing status to CANCELLED.
How to export Venue's offer to a PDF file?

In the main menu click on the LIST OF RFPs .

  • Click on the name of the event.
  • Click on the Venue which offer you want to export.
  • In the side menu on the left click on the button with PDF symbol.
  • System will automaticaly generate pdf file with Venue’s offer.

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