Event organisation – the system security gives great importance to maintaining the highest safety and data protection standards. The security measures applied in our system surpass the technical and organisational requirements that must be met by devices and systems used for data processing.

Security at the application level

Only registered users and the administrator of have access to the system. Data is stored in databases in a way which makes it impossible for unauthorised persons to gain access to it. Each user account is protected by a personal login (email) and password. The password is not stored in plaintext, uses an encryption system. If you lose your password, the system will allow you only to generate a new one.

Security at network level

The users’ access to the administration panel is automatically encrypted using the HTTPS protocol, which ensures the confidentiality and security of information transmitted over the Internet between the server and the user computer.

Security at system level

Operating systems are prepared from scratch to meet the requirements of the platform so that the system can operate effectively.

Security at hardware level

The system hardware platform consists of modern servers. Each of them has a number of duplicate components, among others, redundant power supplies connected to independent power supply lines and redundant arrays of inexpensive disks (RAID) that protect against media failures. Network infrastructure is also doubled to minimise the risk of malfunction of a single element and to maintain the highest availability of services possible

Security at physical level

The platform system is maintained in one of the best data centres in Poland. Physical security is provided by security staff as well as internal and external CCTV monitoring working 24/7/365. Only authorised persons have access to the server room. Datacenter provides also fire protection, redundant power supply and a few independent Internet connections.


The backup copy, which is done several times a day, ensures the security of data entered by the users of

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