How it works

How it works?

Create an Account

To obtain access to all the services you need to register and create an account in the system. Depending on the selected type of subscription offers two types of accounts :

  • Administrator – allows you to use all the functions of the system, add new user accounts and manage authorisations,
  • User – gives access to selected functions.

Inquiries / RFP

The organiser creates a Request For Proposal by inserting into the system specific criteria such as hotel category, the venue location, the expected number and type of rooms, the number of conference rooms and their size, some additional functions as exhibition space or other. In result the organiser obtains a ready query in the form of a calculation of costs.

List of Venues

On the basis of predetermined criteria the organiser receives a list of venues that meet his requirements. The list can be easily adjusted by removing selected positions.

Sending queries

The process of sending (or, more precisely, their publishing) Requests For Proposal is carried out automatically after a final approval of their content and of the list of venues. Your inquiry, along with the list of venues is stored in the system of The representatives of the venues receive via e-mail notifications about new bids available in the system.


If the particular venue is not available in the time requested by the organiser, it takes only a couple of clicks to provide him with this information. If the venue is available, you simply need to fill in the indicated fields to set prices and attach a suggested menu. The time in which a hotel employee should be able to give a detailed response to the inquiry should not exceed 5 minutes. Changing the status of an inquiry from OFFER into PRE-BOOKING will automatically generate a proposal which becomes visible on the Organizer’s account. The entire process is carried out via system, so that responses do not require any editing. The organiser receives notifications about replies to his RFP as well as changes of the venues’ offers via e-mail. Details are available after logging into

The system allows representatives of venues to provide bids with multi price options. This is especially useful regarding the cost of catering since it often constitute a significant part of the planned budget and eventually may decide about the choice of location. By using a special wizard the organiser can modify the offer by choosing from a virtually unlimited number of proposals. The system automatically calculates prices and updates the offer in real time.

Comparative analysis

The replies to RFPs provided by the venues will automatically generate on a detailed comparative analysis of tenders. It gives the organiser an opportunity to examine venues’ proposals and to choose the best solution for a particular event.

Negotiations and detailed arrangements

All contacts and negotiations with representatives of hotels (meeting venues) can be carried out via the online forum available in our system. You will always be put in contact with the person responsible for the particular offer and the log of your contacts will be available on at all times. The system also allows you to send bulk emails to all or selected venues. The organiser will obtain access to contact details of the venue’s employee responsible for preparing of the offer . In addition, it is possible to export the selected bid into XLS or PDF format at any time.

Selection of the offer, status of inquiries

After the negotiations and analysis the bids the organiser can easily confirm his choice of venue, simply by changing the status of the inquiry to ACCEPT. This information is automatically sent to the hotel employee who confirms the acceptance of the order (by changing the status of the inquiry to CONFIRM) and subsequently sends the organiser a contract. The contract is signed directly by the company on whose behalf the organiser is placing the order and the company represented by the venue’s employee.

The change of the inquiry’s status automatically generates notifications sent to employees of the venue. The organiser may cancel his inquiry (by changing the status to CANCEL) at every stage of the selection process (with the exception of situations where he has already chosen and accepted an offer).

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